8th Pancrase Pro-Am Catch Tournament Results 1415

Yamada Double Wrist Lock on Yamasaki

From Nightmare of Battle (archived):

The 8th Pancrase Pro-Amateur Open Catch Wrestling Tournament took place on the 19th in Japan.

In the -60kg class Flyweight King Of Pancrase Kiyotaka Shimizu took home the victory after defeating Pancrase Bantamweight ranker Takumi Murata in the final.

After the victory he announced that Combat Wrestling is next on his schedule. After that a Flyweight King Of Pancrase title defense will probably happen (rematch with Mitsuhisa Sunabe).

Great grappler Kohei Yasumi took the -70kg division. He defeated SRC training player Minoru Takeuchi in the semifinal by decision. No shame for Takeuchi to lose to Yasumi in a grappling match. He might have beaten everyone else in that division.

And the most impressive performance of the day was SRC training player Sotaro Yamada who won both the -80kg and -100kg divisions (he is a Lightweight), all matches by submission.

He faced the opponent he submitted in the -80kg final in 2007 as well. That time it ended by decision for Yamada so he’s happy he got the submission this time. He said he wants to continue building his list of achievements and get another shot in SRC.

This is the first time anyone has won two weight divisions in the same night in this tournament.

Click here for some photos. Pancrase might upload some footage on their YouTube channel.

It should be noted while it was called a Catch Wrestling tournament, there was no fall by pin and the rules were similar to that of Combat Wrestling

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