Frank Shamrock Interview at Bloody Elbow 1198

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There is a great, community based interview at Bloody with the recently retired legend of MMA, Frank Shamrock. Unfortunately Masakatsu Funaki is only mentioned in passing, and not much is mentioned about his grappling, but it is worth a read none the less.

Here area  couple of interview highlights, followed by video of the Frank Shamrock vs Bas Rutten King of Pancrase Rubber Match.

On Frank Shamrock’s first day of training —

I knew nothing about MMA. I knew nothing about wrestling. (Laughs). I didn’t know you could tap. I didn’t know there was such a thing. It was a tremendous, eye opening experience. It was the beginning of my life.

On pulling faces at Bas Rutten during their fight in Pancrase —

Frank Shamrock: (Laughs). One of my less successful strategies. No, but I see Bas everywhere. You know what I do? After one of the fights we went to the Imperial Palace. We had a couple of Heinekens and the next thing you know we were climbing the wall. There were all these crows and the crows were going ‘Baw, Bas, Bas” (Editor’s Note: Frank is mimicking a bird call) and I said ‘Bas, they’re calling your name.’ And he got all excited, climbing up the wall. Then security came and I ran.

Jonathan Snowden: (Laughs)

Frank Shamrock: So, I’ll be commentating the show and he’ll be over working for HDNet and I’ll just look at him and go ‘Bas, Bas.’ And he’ll start dying over there.


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