2018 Catch Wrestling ‘World’ Championship Will Not Live Stream 2662

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In a recent podcast interview for ‘The Animal House Radio’ show, Snake Pit U.S.A. Head Coach Joel Bane guested to discuss the 2018 World Catch Wrestling event weekend for July 14th-15th.

The main focal point of interest for this weekend is an 8 man open-weight tournament that will attempt to establish modern Catch Wrestling’s first legitimate ‘world’ champion, as first reported on ourĀ Twitter account.

Competitors are from the US and UK and includes winners of smaller promotional tournaments ran by Scientific Wrestling, North American Catch Wrestling Association, Legit Pro Wrestling and Catch Wrestling Alliance. A competitor of note for this July weekend is former UFC Heavyweight champion Josh Barnett.

Early in the interview Coach Bane let slip the tournament – which has been garnering some global interest – will not live stream.

“We were looking at a few things like live streaming, but we’ve kind of shied away from (it)…We’re going to really close this up and make it special for the people that actually get off their butts and get there.”

Hopefully the event will be recorded and shared at a later time, as well as the open invitational for amateur competitors. There has been issue in the past with other organisations recording their own events but taking the better part of 6 months to edit and upload footage to social media, by which point a lot of the initial interest has waned.

While the event for the fans in attendance is important – something Bane stresses in the interview and that it’ll be a family friendly environment – not everyone in the world will be able to make it to Hamilton Township, New Jersey to watch.

Tickets are still available for the event on the Snake Pit U.S.A. website for those who can make it there.

Look for more articles on this event in the coming days and weeks as this event draws nearer.

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