Half Guard Killer: Leg Turk Ride 5205

In my humble opinion the Leg Turk from wrestling can be used to completely shut down someone’s Half Guard game. I think UFC’s Jason Brilz stumbled into a Turk Ride by accident when he fought Antonio Rogerio Nogueira. He managed to neutralise his Deep Half Guard game by pushing Nogueira’s head away from his underhook on the leg.

Power on the Mat

We also saw Brock Lesnar riding on top inside Frank Mir’s Half Guard, combined with the Stockade do some serious damage. We often see Wrestlers content to strike from on top in the this position.

Counter the Half Guard

The above video shows how to flatten a guy underneath you and get a pin in wrestling, but equally in submission grappling when a Half-Guard player is trying to turn into you. I’ve spotted several submission possibilities including a neck crank and choke, a rib stretch and an inside reverse-toehold.

For MMA with the arm wrapped around their neck like that you can get free shots on their head with your free hand.

What do you think?

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