Single Leg To Bodylock Slam 3131

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From a failed Inside Single Leg or a bait to get to this position, you can get an easy and effective bodylock and slam. Suitable for MMA, Catch Wrestling and the more relaxed Grappling competitions.

Here’s a quick breakdown of what you need to know:

Level change to bring your hips below theirs, your outside leg penetrates past their nearest heel. Your head makes contact with their chest as you grab the Single Leg.

Keeping your elbows down you quickly switch to a bodylock. Your inside arm is palm down and outside arm palm up as you secure a Gable (Hook) grip.

Your head has not lost contact with their torso throughout and your lead leg has stayed bent and deep.

Keeping that lead leg bent and deep, you engage your lats like in a ‘row’ exercise and pull the opponent in. Your posture has not changed.

You bring your rear leg in and rear foot points out as you pivot and ‘marry the hips’ in a T formation (your Front against their Side makes a T shape).

The bodylock is kept tight, your head stays in their chest & you have not raised your center of mass above theirs.

With the tight bodylock and position, you pop your hips forward and straighten your legs. You turn your shoulder just enough to turn them into the slam.

How hard you drop them depends on the ruleset and competition surface. You can kneel to soften the landing & protect your arms

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